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Please walk with us to give needy children an education for a brighter future. The ANCOP Walk brings together hundreds of participants across the U.S. and North America, walking together to help the poor in the Philippines and third world countries.

Donate or sponsor a participant.

ANCOP Foundation USA is a Christian based organization founded by the Couples for Christ which helps the very poor in the Philippines and other countries by providing support to select organizations that work for the poor. Our current projects focus on child education sponsorship programs and values formation.

Your participation and generosity in the ANCOP Walk will help provide quality education to children in poor communities. We serve the poor from all walks of life regardless of faith and denomination.

We ask for your generous help and support by walking with us in any of the ANCOP Walk locations across the USA

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ANCOP Foundation USA is a registered non-profit charity that provides Child Education Sponsorships and Shelter/Housing Programs for the poor. To learn more please visit our website at www.ancopusa.org